Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rain and Shine!

Saturday, June 13

This weekend was full of surprises! We knew there was a chance of rain, but man!
It's the imperfections that endear right? So this weekend is definitely one to remember...

First of all, I want to tell you about this store called Abode. Abode is the coolest freaking place we've ever seen! So unique and original - A Home and Garden Consignment store filled with the coolest new, old and antique knick-knacks around! Items from marbles, to chandeliers, to appliances, to vintage signs, coins, to clothing all with antique/retro/old-timey style and flare! Abode is helping us advertise by handing out Boutique Frenzy fliers at their Flea Markets that run once a month through good weather. They held a flea market on Saturday. If you missed it, remember next month. We will post the date and time so check back often! You don't want to miss Abode...very cool! They also take your old cool stuff on consignment, so stop by if you want to up their merchandise. Call them at (801) 486-2633 or visit them online at Abode takes gifts to the next level!

If you went to the Springville Art City Days Little Bee Craft Show, you saw our fancy wet display! The Little Bee Craft Show, organized by Kendra Seeley, started on Wednesday and by the time we checked on it on Friday, it had already braved one storm-totally drenched but standing strong! It's always nice to be greeted by a hug(Thanks Mumzeys!) when you get to a show, especially when you find out that the rain tried to ruin everything! The rain didn't put up much of a fight at this show, though, with the carnival, the entertainment and amazing vendors. Our kids (and I :) had a great time riding carnival rides and we had some fun meeting new vendors and telling them how and our new BOUTIQUE magazine will help their boutique businesses. Everyone is getting very excited for our Fall launch, and so are we! We can't wait to see the website help the boutique industry by giving everyone a source to turn to for boutique events, industry news, and online sales. We are still anticipating a great Fall launch and as we get closer to an actual date, we will keep you informed. Get excited! Get into the FRENZY!

Mikey and kids at the Little Bee Craft Show and standing by the Boutique Frenzy display (looks pretty good considering it was very wet huh?)

Audrey waiting for her turn to ride, Dylan and Bella driving like pros, and Audrey and I finally getting our turn to ride the motorcycles!

1)This first picture is of Christopher Smith of Ageless Animation. This animation studio does some amazing stop motion animation! My kids were enamoured with the movies they have made, they sat and watched as we talked. Christopher was a very nice guy and very talented artist and animator. We were very impressed and wish Ageless Animation much success! They are working on getting more financing so they can continue to do what they do best. Help us spread the word if you know of anybody with cash for an awesome investment. You can contact Christopher at 801-616-6593 or by email at It was so nice to meet you Christopher! Keep up the great work!
2)The second and third picture shown above is of my sweet daughter Bella with a lovely and talented jewelry maker, Ginger Rivera, creator of Ooh La lah. She makes very unique and beautiful watch bands, earrings and necklaces. We enjoyed talking to her and her cute family and Bella had a great time making her very own bracelet to accessorize her outfit for the day! We love it when we find extra nice vendors who love to share what they do and want to get into the FRENZY! To find out where Ginger will be next, email her at or call her at 801-885-3765. Thanks Ginger, for sharing your talents with us!

The Little Bee Craft Boutique was very fun, we met new vendors with amazing products and we were so excited to be a part of this fun tradition in the Art City of Springville! Thank you Kendra for all of your work putting this great show together! We look forward to your next boutique in Pleasant Grove this week!

Oh yea! I almost forgot! Everytime we visit Springville, we eat at the best Pier 49 Pizza. This Pier 49 is in a historic old building that has been made into a killer hang out with great pizza! They have an ice cream bar, video games and live music every Friday night! Check them out, you won't be dissapointed. Go to

Okay, so Saturday morning was pretty nice...not too much wind and no rain yet. We set up our booth at the annual Saratoga Splash in our home town of beautiful Saratoga Springs. Last year it was very warm and so we hoped for the best even though we know rain was in the forecast. We have our canopy, our display safely underneath, and treats and a craft for the kids. The morning went very well, like I said, we got tons of interest-met a lot of new people that were interested in Boutique Frenzy, kids came to make their own bracelets and put on an original cool Boutique Frenzy rub on tattoo! We were able to answer questions about how would help individuals manage their boutique business online and were able to share how our new BOUTIQUE magazine would help promote their businesses because it is very affordable and directed to the boutique market. Yea! Thinks were going great and then came a little wind, and then more clouds, and by 2:00pm it was raining pretty heavily. Of course, being summer and all, we were not wearing jackets. It started to get cold, so I thought I'd better take the kids home and get dressed more warmly. So, we left when there was a slight break in the rain and headed out. Well, everyone was of course heading out as well, so we got stuck in yucky traffic(see picture). By the time we got through the traffic, I got a call from Mikey. "Just go get our other displays!" "Why?" I asked. I was almost home, ready to get the jackets and go back to the Saratoga Splash, when he explained to me that a huge massive wind and rain just hit and destroyed our entire booth! He said that he might as well of just jumped into a pool with all our stuff. Totally bummed, I waited at home for Mike to return and then together we would both go to Springville and American Fork to pick up our stuff and call it a day. Apparently, 2 other people had to help Mikey hold down our canopy, and as soon as Mikey got the tarp off everything blew over including our tables with all those beads, our tattoos and our fliers! We were pretty bummed and upset to say the least and we were already exhausted and so were our kids. But....we had a job to do! Boutique Frenzy lives on!

So, this is the Saratoga Splash before the storm-singing and dancing on stage, our nice booth complete with craft and display (with treats and tattoos).

As you can see here...this is the storm of the century! Us in traffic and my sleepy, whiney children.

More storm, the poor Saratoga Splash sign, and 3 cute girls making bracelets before the storm hit.

Oh, and don't forget our sweet Boutique Frenzy tattoos that we gave away to the cute kids that came to see us. Look for us if you want your own:)

Alas, the Saratoga Splash was not a total loss. We did meet some great people that were excited to be a part of the Boutique Frenzy community. We had fun, and even though our display got turned upside down, it dried out nicely.

After the big "tornado" hit, we rushed over to the VA Street Fair in American Fork. Angie Kirby, one of Boutique Frenzy's fans and friends, brought together the vendors for this event and let Boutique Frenzy display the Little Red Box at their booth.

These pictures were taken in the morning with NO RAIN...their were several great vendors and an awesome band and food. When we got there to check on how the storm affected everything, we found them to all be very SMART and inside the building. Everything was going good, rockin' and rollin' and lotts of traffic. The band was playing beach music like nothing had ever happend.

Angie Kirby and her husband have a company called Best Affordable Gifts and sell great gifts for everyone! Angie makes the cutest diaper and towel cakes. They sell their items at several shows and boutiques and online at! Check it out!

Thank you Angie for helping us share the Boutique Frenzy message, and thanks to all who found The Little Red Box and played! We will be posting 2 winners on Tuesday! You still have until Monday night by 9 pm to enter if you picked up a playing slip. We love all you fans out there! Thanks for keeping Boutique Frenzy in the loop and making us feel special even when it rains! We are excited to continue to get to know all of you and help the boutique industry thrive!

The itsy bitsy spider crawled up the water spout, down came the rain and washed the spider out. Out came the sun and dried up all the rain, so the itsy bitsy spider crawled up the spout again! See you soon!

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