Monday, June 22, 2009

Looking For Vendors For a Great Cause!

The following email was sent to me. This is a great opportunity to help a family in need and share what you do at the same time!

Scott and Staci Warren adopted Mia in December 2007 she was 6 weeks premature and had a long stay in the NICU. They are still paying on the adoption fees and medical bills for Mia. They were recently contacted by the adoption agency and told that Mia's birth mother is expecting a baby boy on July 25. Scott and Staci would love to be able to keep this brother and sister together. Please help them with this adoption.

The Sale is Saturday, June 27, 2009, from 8 am to 2 pm. At Cross Point Church located at 4490 South 3200 West, West Valley City, 84119. You can rent a 6 ft table for $10 each and this fee goes toward the fundraiser.

The church will be open for restroom use. We do not have childcare available but you are welcome to bring your children with you.
If you need to have electricity for your booth you need to bring your own cords and let me know asap so I can set your area closer to the outlets.

We will not have extra change so please plan accordingly. There are several banks and credit unions in the area that should be open Saturday till 12. You are all responsible for your cash box.

I will know by Friday what size the booths are going to be. Right know they will be about 10x15 to 10x20 so pretty large areas. All booth areas will be clearly marked. There will be no driving on the grass. You are welcome to go to the church earlier in the week to take a look around.

The large grassy area in the front is out main area. Over flow will be out back. I ask that you all park out on the rear near the dumpster to allow our guests to park in the parking area.
I will be at the church at 6:30 am for set-up so you may start then. The spaces will be marked out. Please see Anita for your area assignment. This is when you will pay your fees. If you want the fee and donation to be tax deductible make a check out to Crosspoint Church and in the memo line write adoption. If you have any questions please give me a call at 801-455-6445 or email me. Thanks, Anita
Anita's email is

Whether you want to be a vendor or not, get out this Saturday and support this family!!!


  1. I have a question about the "Adoption" sale, I may be interested as a vendor, but the description doesn't say anything about what we are donating as far as our sales. Could you please give me some more information?
    And we are going to be outside of the Church?
    Robin Schick

  2. Hi I am the one helping anita, All they are asking is for your 10 donation for the spot, and if you do not have your own table and wish to rent one a additional 10, other then that you keep your profit, you can donate more if you want but not required if you have any questions e mail me



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