Thursday, June 11, 2009

BOUTIQUE Magazine!

IT'S HERE! A magazine made to serve the Boutique Industry! Frenzy Corp and Boutique Frenzy are pleased to announce the official launch of BOUTIQUE TM magazine. BOUTIQUE TM is very genuine. It is a project with a distinct purpose of serving, promoting and organizing the boutique industry, by offering relevant and exciting material from the boutique community at large mixed with unique and industry specific advertising options.

Yes! You will be able to advertise! Advertising opportunities for boutique owners, boutique promoters, and consumers alike, are being offered at very low prices. Advertisers can choose from multiple listing options and packages that are made to fit even the tightest of budgets, including full page and spread advertisements, all the way down to the “Marketplace” section. Additionally, BOUTIQUE TM offers a classifieds section that is focused squarely on fulfilling the boutique industry needs. Ads placed in the “Classifieds” section will be placed in groups that are related to one another. Advertisers can choose from category titles such as: Event Listings, Seeking Vendors, Seeking Promoters, Business, For Sale, Employment, and Misc. Additional category titles may be added as need continues to increase.

It is our strongest desire and goal that BOUTIQUE TM magazine will continually meet the current and future needs of the boutique owners, boutique promoters and consumers in a
dynamic, unique and directly intuitive way. We desire that EVERYONE should be able to use it and enjoy it and we feel that the mass appeal of such a publication will extend far and beyond local marketplaces, making our community at large more accessible and tighter knit.
Click on this LINK for more details about BOUTIQUE TM so that we may clarify any
common questions. Also, please feel free to contact Boutique Frenzy directly:

Mikey Eves
Missy Eves

We are excited to hear from you! Please let us know how we can serve you and get your business integrated into this fabulous advertising opportunity.

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