Sunday, April 19, 2009

WOW! What a Weekend!

Spring is in the air, and there were great shows everywhere!!!

Boutique Frenzy took part in the What a Woman Wants Show at the South Towne Expo Center in Sandy, UT on Friday and Saturday.
It was a lovely show filled with hundreds of vendors from an array of companies. Woman came from all over the valley to check out all that a woman wants! We met so many boutiquers interested in being a part of, wanting to sign-up right away so that they could enjoy the benefits of having their business online.

The Boutique Frenzy booth was surrounded by great boutiquers selling great products!

Michelle Clark of Finders Key Purse was one of them. If any of you out there have a hard time finding your keys in your purse, like I do, this product is for you! These fun little gadgets hang over the side of your purse displaying a fashionable and fun design while keeping hold of your keys on the inside. Awesome huh! Michelle also sells Hang 'em High, which is a purse hanger that will keep your purse off of the floor! These also came in fashionable designs each in a gift box with a velvet pouch for storage. And lastly, you could find Not Just a Luggage Tag, a great embroidered cotton twill designed luggage tag that could also be paired with the Finders Key Purse to carry a hotel key card, credit card, ID or anything you want to keep handy! Awesome products! I loved them so much, I bought 3! You can reach Michelle at 801-255-8770 to find out more info and order yourself some.

Jesse Mills of Lil' Diner was paired up with Michelle. The Lil' Diner is an incredible product and got a lot of attention at the show. Moms everywhere know that little ones get messy while they eat, mainly because they can pick up their plates. Jesse has come up with this great product to keep the plate locked to the table with a suction cup. Check it out!

Order your Lil' Diner at or email Jesse at for more info.

Harry and David, Gourmet Gift Shop from Park City Utah, was the booth on the other side of us. I must say, I am now a huge fan! They gave out free samples of their chocolate truffles and licorice. It was great to see the look on peoples faces after they took a bite of the chocolate delicious! Check Harry and David out in Park City to get your free truffle!

We met Pamela Denicke, Education Program Manager of the Single Mom Foundation. The Single Mom Foundation (SMF) is committed to improving the lives of single moms and their families by helping them develop long-term self-reliance. What a great organization! We look forward to working with SMF in the future. For more information email Pamela at or call her at 801-977-7764. Pamela is a sweetheart! She loves what she does and does a great job. We really enjoyed talking to her and getting to know her and the SMF. Thanks Pamela!

Scrapbook Dimensions, owned by Cindy Wyckoff, loved BoutiqueFrenzy and got into the Frenzy herself by helping us pass out our promotional materials at the show! Scrapbook Dimensions is a scrapbooking magazine all about traditional and digital scrapbooking! You can join Scrapbook Dimensions for digi scrapping classes at a mountain retreat owned by Gloria Kelley called Our Mountain Place on April 30-May 2. We look forward to working with Scrapbook Dimensions. Thanks for your excitement Cindy!
(Owners of Our Mountain Place)

Synergy, The Magazine For Single Moms, was also at the show. It was great to meet them and talk to them about this wonderful magazine. We look forward to working with them in the future! Check them out online.

Jill Butler with Safety Pack, was also very excited about Jill had some great products for being prepared wherever you go! It was very nice to meet you Jill! You can talk to Jill for more information on Safety Pack by calling her at 801-272-4049.

As I said before...this was a great show filled with fun for every woman, yound and young at heart! We had a great time meeting all the great vendors and all the great women!

Thanks to everyone who came to the show and for all who are anxiously anticipating the launch! We look forward to the next What a Woman Wants show in September when is online and ready for use!

Okay readers, now its your turn! Please leave your comments about this awesome show!

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