Sunday, April 5, 2009

Although Snowy and Cold, A Great Weekend For HOT Shows!

Saturday, April 3 - 4, 2009

The Spotted Zebra Boutique , organized by Julie Sanders, took place on Friday and Saturday in Draper at a beautiful new Symphony Home. Julie is excited about and helped us by handing out our promotional materials to her artisan and customers. Here are some photos of the show...

Thanks Julie! We look forward to your future shows!

Tinkerbear Boutique, organized by Jen Morton took place at Pioneer Hall in South Jordan on Saturday as well. It was a beautiful venue for a boutique! It was so cute with the delicate, light sprinkle of Spring, contrasting the timeless solid pioneer hall structure. It added to the authenticity of the entire event. If you ever have the chance to attend a boutique here, do not miss it!

We met some very awesome artisans with very unique wares...

And saw very creative and unique items for sale...

Items sold by Jen Morton, "The Woman In Charge" of Tinkerbear Boutique, are shown below. Cute Stuff!!! Oh and by the way, Jen was too quick for us to snap a shot... but we will get you Jen!

There was something for everyone! The Easter Bunny came for the kids and gave them a fun surprise...
And the cool bikers came for the Easter Bunny!

Thank you Jen and all the artisans who made this show possible. We had a great time!

The Spring Easter Neighborhood Boutique, organized by Tracy Wagstaff, was our next stop. Tracy was so kind to let us stop by and to hand out our promotional materials for us. Take a look at this great Spring Mini Boutique in West Jordan, Utah...

Thank you Tracey!

Traveling around to boutiques all day on a Saturday is hard on the kids, if you know what I mean! So, we headed to a 3D movie for a little break...

Women's Night Out, organized by Mary Banford, was a great way to finish off the day. The Mckay Event Center at the UVU campus was huge! We had a great time mingling with some great, unique and friendly artisans. Event Coordinator, Mary Banford, let us hand out our promotional materials at this awesome event filled with everything desirable to the ladies. At this event, they gave away a Cricket Machine, a YourStory machine, Gift Certificates from local vendors and a dream prom package valued at $1500!!!

A major highlight of the evening was our chance to meet Kathy Headlee, the founder of Mothers Without Borders. What an awesome organization for a very neat cause! Oh how we would love for to be a part of this effort. All of the money from this event went to Mothers Without Borders. So awesome!

What a splendid Spring weekend! Thanks to all the organizers, artisans, and all who love the boutiquing industry! We LOVED being a part of these shows. Check back soon for our next boutique adventure and get into the FRENZY!

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  1. Thanks so much for the SHOUT OUTS! I also want to thank you, for all of the thank yous, you give me.
    I really appreciate your kindness, and look forward to getting my site up and running with you guys.
    It is nice to have someone out there, who wants to help me, better my sales with an online shopping cart, and even though I don't "hand make" my items anymore!
    Can't wait to get started!!
    See you at the next boutique!!!



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