Sunday, April 5, 2009

Our First Outing...

March 2009

And so the FRENZY began! We began to make connections with local boutique and event organizers. We wanted to start an awareness campaign to get everyone excited about so we began searching for boutiques and events on- line, and I began emailing every show I found held in March and April. We quickly received positive responses from wonderful boutique organizers, one of the first being Jen Morton who organizes the Tinkerbear Boutiques and sells trendy clothing and accessories, jewelry and more. She has been so kind and helpful from day one and we really appreciate her letting us be a part of her shows. She has been eager to help us and because of her efforts we have already had a lot of her blog traffic come our way.

Friday and Saturday, 3/19-21 2009

Perfect Weather for a Boutique Weekend!

My Simply Chic Boutique, organized by Hydee Dastrup, was one of our first boutiques. Hydee handed out our promotional materials at her boutique on March 2oth and 201st in a beautiful new home in Riverton. When we dropped off our flyers, Hydee was very welcoming and excited to help We also saw a lot of excitement from the artisans and saw very nice, unique items displayed for sale. Check it out!

We look forward to the next Simply Chic Boutique on April 17th!

Sweet Tweets Boutique, organized by Andra Stoker, has also been very helpful in our awareness campaign. She handed out our promotional materials to the artisans and the general public attending her show.
Here are some pictures of the setup...

Everyone did such a good job and everything looked sooooo CUTE! The Sweet Tweets Boutique is held five time during the year all over the valley. Look for us at her next show on April 17th!

Saturday, 3/28/2009

The TinkerBear Boutique, organized by Jen Morton was held in style at the South Towne Expo. What a great location and venue! This place was rockin' with people attending several shows held that same day. We really started to get in the "groove" here as we made our way around to each artisan to pass out our marketing materials and talk to each person about how fits their individual needs as a boutiquer and crafter. Every artisan had great unique wares for sale, I personally couldn't resist to spend some money. We had a lot of fun and definitely started to feel the FRENZY! Look for us at every Tinkerbear Boutique coming soon near you!

All three of these women have made get off to a fantastic start! Not only have they handed out our promotional materials, they have also sent a lot of traffic to our site by posting our URL on their blogs and sending out our email blast. We appreciate all of the artisans in these shows and their hard work as well, for without them, there would be nothing to talk about here!

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