Sunday, April 5, 2009

How It All Began has emerged out of a home in Saratoga Springs, Utah from the minds of Mikey and myself, Melissa(Missy) Eves. It began in October 2008, when the economy began to slip, Mikey and I, like so many others, lost our jobs and times were tough. With 3 children, one with a new diagnosis of epilepsy, Mikey Eves spent countless hours looking and applying for jobs while attending school full time working on his MBA. When nothing came about, he made the decision to again concentrate on his own business. He originally started this business called The Demographic in 2004 with an interest in helping small businesses develop branding through print and web communications. He has consulted enumerable small and start-up businesses in this way over the past five years. After talking to family members, friends and neighbors, Mikey and I concluded that there was definitely a need and an interest in having an online presence for those who make and sell handicrafts and unique items. Not only did we see the need, we wanted to help the economic situation.

With no time to wait, Mikey got to work on the concept of creating a website that all boutiquers could use to have affordable web service with tools to help promote their businesses. Being that Mikey is not only a graphics artist, but a musician, sculptor, author and painter (a real renaissance man), he really understands the needs of artists who would like a way to publicize or sell their works and get recognition. Additionally, his work with small businesses has helped him to understand the needs and limitations of small businesses. Mikey has used is education greatly in the process of developing He has a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Animation and will be graduating from the University of Utah with an MBA in Marketing and E-Commerce in May 2009.

Mikey was nervous about the daunting task of creating the perfect web resource for artisans, crafters and boutiquers. He knew that he would not be able to create by himself so his beautiful wife, Missy (That's Me Yea!) stepped in to give it that "feminine touch". In addition to this, I am coordinating the public relations campaign, event planning and the business finances (I'm not so excited about the last one).
Turns out my Bachelor's degree in Human Development and Family Studies with a business minor is actually good for something :)

We have been able to create a web-community called that is the solution to artists and crafters who are running a small business on a tight budget and yet would like to have a significant, professional and personal web presence. is not another sales site. We don't charge commissions or listing fees. We are a new idea that is based on a flat-line, value-added offering to enhance sales for boutiquers through social networking and personal business efforts! Best of all, we offer entry level web-store service that is set-up with all sorts of tools absolutely FREE! We are scheduled to launch this coming Fall, and we are currently running an awareness campaign. We are very excited and already have tons of interest from boutiquers, artisans and crafts people anxiously anticipating the launch.

Day by day, we have seen the success of our efforts grow. We want to show you what we've seen and done, because we want you to be involved! We have a vision that all who love the arts and want to use their talent to build a business, while positively changing the world around them, will be able to accomplish just that! We see the hearts of artists and craftspeople poured into their handicrafts. Our hope is to someday soon see this same heart join together to benefit those less fortunate. We want everyone in the world to be able to use, enjoy and benefit from!

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