Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The 2nd Mindy Mae's Market: A Big Success!

Friday and Saturday, Aug 7 and 8

We love Mindy Mae's Market! What a great place to be on this beautiful weekend! Mindy Mae's Market is full of Utah's finest artisans, and Nikki Weekes, creator of Mindy Mae's Market does a fabulous job of promoting these artisans and finding the best spots to display their products. Take a look at all the fun!

The house was packed with great products from several artisan that we know and love and some great new ones!

Here is an artisan that we've been following throughout several shows. We finally got to meet her in person. This is Clarissa Haycock with Coco Sailor. She makes the cutest and coolest handmade baby and toddler t-shirts. Simple, Sweet, Homemade--just like your baby!

This is Cheryl with Greetings From Cheryl. She makes a fine selection of homemade greeting cards perfect for every occasion!

My kids came away from Mindy Mae's Market feeling very cool in their new capes purchased at the show. Such posers!

Get ready for the next Mindy Mae's Market coming soon! Go to to find out when and where! You can also look right here on Upcoming Shows in Utah for all the show info.

Great show Nikki! We had a lot of fun!

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  1. Awh, thanks guys! It was so nice to finally meet y'all! Hope we can meet up again!



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