Monday, July 20, 2009

Support Needed: To Take Our Community To The Next Level

Boutique Frenzy is so excited to provide an online community, BOUTIQUE Magazine and many other services to promote and organize the local boutique scene.

As we are just beginning our endeavors, we are facing the same growing pains that many do. We are seeking to make the important connections that will facilitate taking our community to the next level.

As you well know, we are on a mission to provide services for as little as possible, even free where we can. However, even though these services are being provded freely, they come at great expense. This expense has been financed solely by the owners of Boutique Frenzy with the belief that many would see the value and jump when the time presented itself, to help us make the connections that would provide funding and financial backing going forward.

Now we call on you all to search through your Rolodex and send us some help in the form of interested investors. We are very excited to be able to offer shares to those who invest including profit sharing opportunities.

Please direct all inquiries regarding this limited time opportunity to own a peice of Boutique Frenzy to Mikey. We are excited to hear from you and your contacts. Let's keep this thing moving!

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