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Rain, Soccer, Amazing Artisans, Toys, Pizza, Incredible Shows and Sunshine All in One Day!

May 2nd, 2009

Boy oh boy! This day was filled with a little big of everything! Let me first begin by yelling out a big THANK YOU!!! to everyone one who is already a big fan of My family and I are having a blast meeting all of you and spotlighting your talents. Yesterday was incredible, let me tell you all about it...

My Dyllie boy is playing soccer this year, so we started our morning at his second game of the season. Of course, being that we live in Utah and all, it was raining like it seems to do every weekend! The first game of the season was cold and windy and Dylan ended up playing only the 1st half and whining the second. So, we had a big talk with him and told him if he could play the entire game without whining and make his first goal, we would let him buy a toy. I thought for sure that the rain would ruin our bribe, but to my great astonishment he played soccer! Not only did he play and not whine, he scored 2 goals! Wow! Bribing children really does work. So, I will tell you all about our stop at Toys R Us a little later...

Pictures (left to right): Dylan ready to go, Dylan running down the field with the ball, Daddy giving Dylan a big of advice, my girlies sitting in the car with me keeping warm, and Dylan making an awesome stop.

After the game and a bite to eat, we stopped by the new Bungalow8 Day Spa-Yoga-Boutique, owned by Lauri Grimshaw-Cox and her mother Marcia. They have done a fabulous job of making this 120 year old pink bungalow the perfect day spa setting to experience bliss! Lauri was so kind to give us a tour of the bungalow. It was filled with Her incredible artwork, an aromatherm capsule, a paragon facial machine, microdermabrasion, massage room, and much more! It was so cozy and calm...the perfect getaway for a day. The Bungalow 8 Day Spa is located at 12345 South 900 East in Draper, UT. Check out the Bungalow 8 blog at and our new "Heartisan" page to see more of Lauri's artwork and achievments. (The Boutique Frenzy Heartisan page is coming soon!)

After visiting with Lauri about her awesome new endeavour, we headed south to Lehi, Utah Ivory Ridge Country Club for the Tom & Lucy's Art Shoppe.
Organized by Pamela and Marie, Tom and Lucy's Art Shoppe had some of the most unique and lovely items we've seen yet and was in a prime spot in Lehi. It was easy to find..just look for the pink and black balloons! This was their Mother's Day Boutique, so they had Mom's Night Out on Friday night with games and giveaways.

Pictures (left to right): Ivory Ridge Country Club, Tom & Lucy's Art Shoppe cart, my kids and I excited to see what was inside!, and the organizers Pamela and Marie.

We were able to meet a couple of the artisans...

Fahrenhiti 350 was there with delicious sweet treats. We met the woman behind the sweet treats, sweet logs, sweet sauce, sweet crunch, sweet cakes, sweet bites, sweet roses, and sweet tarts. Sweet, sweet sweet!We got to sample the sweet logs and take one home for a reveiw. Here is our SWEET and simple review of the chocolate pecan roll: Wow! The best sweet logs we've ever had! If you haven't had one, you need to! Seriously, melt-in-your-mouth WOW! Check out Fahrenheit 350, "The Temperature at Which Sweet Happen," online at

We then got hooked up with some great smells for our home from Alison Bawden with Scentsy...she was very fun. If you need some new Springtime smells to to!

Type Type Type, owned by Michelle Budge
was also at the shoppe with her fantastic and lovely typography and graphic design work. We had a good time visiting with Michelle and looking at her beautiful work ranging from simple and inexpensive to more complex, framed pieces of art. What a delight! See all that Michelle has to offer at!

Thank you everyone involved with Tom & Lucy's Art Shoppe! We loved it!

By now, you can imagine that Dylan was ready to go to the toy store to pick out his new prize for being a soccer champ. Well, he was so we headed to Orem, UT to Toys R Us. All of the kids actually fell asleep on the way there, so we ended up sitting in the rainy parking lot for a half hour to let them sleep before we woke them up to go inside. To make a long visit short, Dylan and Bella both picked a Super Mario toy that both broke a half hour later. At least it kept them busy for the rest of the afternoon :)

After Toys R Us, we drove a little more South to Provo...singing, smiling, and watching movies as we go!

The Beehive Bazaar, organized by Molly Call and Noelle Olpin was where we landed next. I loved this bazaar! From the colorful stained-glass windows of the Women's center to the all exclusive handmade items for sale to the lively music and energetic organizers, this was the place to be! Of course I couldn't keep myself from buying something so I walked out of there with 2 adorable handmade flower clips for my girls and a cool t-shirt for myself that says "Buy Handmade." Good job Molly and Noelle, you put on a great show! You and your vendors are amazing!
Molly Call & Noelle Olpin

And last, but not least, we headed even more South to Mapleton, Utah, home of the Hobblecreek Barn Boutique, organized by Ellen. This was the neatest old rustic barn. What a great place for a boutique! There was a nice park right by the barn where my kids had a great time. The sun finally made it's appearance so it was the perfect spot for our last boutique of the day. We could definitely feel the artisan pride of Mapleton and Springville as we saw all of the unique and beautiful items for sale in this historic venue.

Here we met Mary Sessions of Sayre Jewelry, Inc. You can contact her at 801-913-4582 for her original designs in jewelry.

We also met Malinda Overman of Pink Jewel( She had some very unique and dainty meets hard core jewelry, which I loved!

Jinkys Skirts were there! Fabulous skirts which are affordable, boutique quality, modest, one-of-a-kind (no two patterns are the same), multi-wear (can be worn as a dress and top), reversible, flattering A-line design, washable 100% silk and silk blends, with an array of fun fabulous colors for everyone....chic and unique!!!

Jen Morton of Tinkerbear Boutique had her new line of men's shirts at this boutique. Jen is a huge supporter of Boutique Frenzy and we love to see her stuff wherever we go!

The Hobblecreek Barn Boutique was a lot of fun. It was full of people who came from near and far. We love seeing new and unique items and this place was full of them! Thank you Ellen for letting us be involved!

Well, that was our Saturday! It was busy, yet so much fun! We finished the day at Pier 49 Pizza in Springville where we enjoyed a yummy Alcatraz pizza and bubble gum ice cream...ahhhh childhood! I love my life!

Thank you all of you talented folks out there for making this possible for us! We truly love boutiques!

Now it's your turn! Please let us know what boutiques you visited this weekend. Did you see Boutique Frenzy flyers or us? We want to know! Please leave your comments....

Please check back often for more updates, more events, new exciting contests, new events page and a new cool artist page called The Boutique Frenzy Heartisans!

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